Amsterdam Touch / Remote
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Amsterdam Touch / Remote
image movie
Dance & sound: Jori Meijer ( )
Percussion & sound: Bart Fermie ( )
Camera & editing: Miranda van der Spek
Performance with Trio Touch / Remote:
Dance / sound / loop station: Jori Meijer
Percussion / sound / loop station: Bart Fermie
Tenor and alto saxophone, Ewi: Joao Driessen ( )
Video poetry / image projection: Miranda van der Spek
Photography & publicity: Lauresque /Laura van der Spek


Amsterdam Touch / Remote is an experimental film in which a dancer (Jori Meijer), a percussionist (Bart Fermie) and a camerawoman (Miranda van der Spek) are inspired by the changing city of Amsterdam in corona-times. The scenes in the film were shot in various improvisation sessions between March 2020 (the first lockdown) and June 2021 when the city cautiously reopened.


The focus of the film was on the changing city as a result of the corona crisis: the tension between distance and intimacy, between isolation and touch. The central question was: What kind of intimacy is still possible if we have to keep our distance?

A cine-dance-rhythm-trance

The final film Amsterdam Touch / Remote is a walk through the city with hypnotic images, dancing movements and rhythmic sounds. Amsterdam is the setting and the space where the sounds resonate. All there is is the interaction between the camera, musician, and dancer and everything that happens on their way through the city: a cine-dance rhythm-trance.

Premiere with performance

The film premiered on September 3 in a beautiful location of Stadsherstel: the Posthoornkerk at Haarlemmerstraat 124-126, in Amsterdam. After the film, a live performance (45′) was performed by Trio Touch / Remote with dance, sound, rhythm, saxophone, loop station and image projections. Subsequently, the film and the performance were screened in, among others, Westbeach Film Festival Amsterdam (WBFF), Sexyland, Zaal 100 and at the Amsterdam Buurt FilmFestival (ABFF) in the screening room of the public library of Amsterdam (OBA).


With financial support from:

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