Boundless Stories & Kancil – Films for the exhibition Travelling Tales
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Boundless Stories & Kancil – Films for the exhibition Travelling Tales
Camera, compilation and editing: Miranda van der Spek
Commissioned by Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam (www.tropenmuseum.nl) 



Boundless Stories are nine short films (each 3’) which form a part of the permanent exhibition Travelling Tales, inaugurated on 11-11-2008,

in the Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam. The stories are about objects which the storytellers brought from their country of origin. The stories and objects travel with their tellers, they pass bounderies, they adapt and soon they belong to their new surroundings.

The films are about:

The Nô masks from Japan, Paul de Leeuw / The Jaguar mask from Mexico, Edoardo Ramos / The Morenada mask from Bolivia, Roberto Callisaya / The musical instrument the kora from Mali, Zoumana Diarra / The musical instrument the saz from Turque, Behsat Üvez and Ömer Kadan / The Water stick puppets from Vietnam, John Kleinen / The String puppets from Birma, Naing Yee Mar/ Storyteller’s Staff from Iran, Sahand Sahebdivani / Jan Klaassen and Katrijn puppets from the Netherlands, Wim Kerkhove

Kancil films
Indonesia’s Kancil stories developed from Indian animal fables featuring a cunning hare. In Indonesia the hare was replaced by the local mouse deer, Kancil. In the exhibition Travelling Tales you can see three Kancil stories as a shadowplay on a white screen: ‘Kancil and the Snail’, ‘Kancil eats Tiger’ and Kancil in the land of people’.

17-09-2008, Boundless Stories and Kancil stories in: newspaper Trouw: