Clean Water, how normal is that? – Yosta & Yassin at the World Water Forum in Mexico City
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Clean Water, how normal is that? – Yosta & Yassin at the World Water Forum in Mexico City
Direction, camera and editing: Miranda van der Spek
Initiated by www.aquaforall.nl in collaboration with OLAA (the Organisation for Latin American Activities).


In March 2006, primary school students Yosta and Yassin from Amsterdam attended the Children’s Conference of the World Water Forum. Together with 112 children from 29 countries. Ministers and water specialists from all over the world are present at the Forum with the aim of finding solutions to water problems. The children present to each other the actions they have taken to solve local water problems.

In Clean Water, how normal is that?, Yosta and Yassin talk about their project FOCUS ON WATER, a video exchange project between schools in the Netherlands and Bolivia. A class in Bolivia portrays how they live in a fishing village on a heavily polluted lake after an oil spill. Yosta and Yassin’s school class tells how they made a film about the cause of the disaster in Bolivia. They ask questions to Greenpeace, Shell and Diederik Samson, member of the House of Representatives in The Hague. How does an oil spill happen? Who is responsible? How can you prevent an oil spill and water pollution?

This documentary follows Yosta and Yassin during the conference in Mexico. It contains images of the films made by the children in Bolivia and the Netherlands. And Yassin raps for clean water!

During the conference Yosta and Yassin were invited to talk to H.R.H. Prince Willem Alexander. 

And six of the films from the Focus on Water project were screened at Agua y Cine Film Festival, as part of the World Water Forum in Mexico.

And we got a Special Award in the competition program!


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