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Production, research, texts, film productions: Miranda van der Spek, Mirandas filmproductions
Technique website & mixing tool: Designserver ( )
Design teacher manual, website & mixing tool: Studio Annelies Vlasblom ( )
Teaching materials: Margriet Jansen, MJCpro ( )
Animation website: Metropolisfilm bv ( )
Editing music MixTool: RebelMusic
Instructional films: FREVO rhythm and dance rhythm: Olaf Keus ( ) and Simone Sou ( )
Storyteller films FREVO & photography: Laura van der Spek ( )
In collaboration with the schools/cultural center:
OBS ’t Vierschip – Arnemuiden
Daruê Malungo / Vilma Moura
Escola de Don Bosco – Cacuaco

DoReMixmax – Exploring the slavery past through music, is an online educational program about the history of slavery as told by FREVO music and dance from Pernambuco, Brazil. With films made with youngsters in Brazil, Angola and the Netherlands. See: (Dutch & Portuguese version).

In 2013 we commemorated in the Netherlands, that 150 years ago, on July 1, 1863, slavery was abolished. DoReMixMax was developed in the context of this commemoration. The theme of slavery is treated in an accessible way through the approach of music and dance from Brazil, Angola and the Netherlands. The basis of this educational program is formed by twelve short films – in the Frevo History section. These films were made in 2012 under the supervision of anthropologist and filmmaker Miranda van der Spek, by young people aged 12 to 17 in Recife (Brazil), Luanda (Angola) and Arnemuiden (Netherlands).

Each film ends with a cliffhanger that leads to the next film. In between the films, the children process the material through small assignments. They receive their own workbook / worksheets, which can be printed from the website. With the final assignment they can reflect on and process the history of slavery.

On the website the children can also actively work with music and dance. They can mix music with the mix-tool (no longer available online), learn to play the frevo rhythm, learn to dance the frevo and create their own frevo song, with or without telling about the slavery period. The Mix Stories section on the website also features short films that delve deeper into different aspects of Brazil’s mix culture.


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