Mobile cinema tour
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Mobile cinema tour
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In 2020 I started making experimental films, together with other creatives. Improvisation is key. I work with dancers, musicians, spoken word artists and (landscape) artists.

The production is not done on a stage, but on location: in nature, in the middle of the city, in an industrial area or on a boat. It makes you see a place in a completely different light, creating a feeling of wonder, alienation or amazement.

A theme is agreed in advance: for example, ‘desire’, ‘rhythm’, ‘wind’ or ‘shadow’. During the film session, a story develops and if necessary, the theme can be adjusted or refined. The final film is an artistic compilation of this improvisation session.


In June 2022, I will be touring with my mobile cinema. At every place on my tour I make a new short experimental film of approximately 5 – 10 minutes, together with creatives through, France, Spain and Portugal. Each film will be produced in 3 days.

I will go to places where I already know creatives: a musician, an artist, a poet. I will work together with creatives from two other disciplines. For example me as a filmmaker working together with a local landscape artist and a saxophonist, or me and a local spoken word artist together with a dancer.

The first film I made based on improvisations was Amsterdam Touch / Remote, an experimental film I made in collaboration with a dancer (Jori Meijer) and a percussionist (Bart Fermie). A film in which we focussed on the changing city of Amsterdam during the corona crisis. We called the result a cine-dance-rhythm-trance (See: Impro Films: Amsterdam Touch / Remote).

The production of Amsterdam Touch / Remote gave me the idea to do this more often on my travels. A shorter version in time and final result. But with the same concept.

The local involved people will help organising a festive (outdoor)screening: in a local venue, or outside in a square, or privately at people’s homes in a large garden. The film of Amsterdam, and a second short film I made with a dancer in Madrid (City Points of Hope) will be screened, and of course also the locally made films! So, during the tour, every place I go, a new film is added! 

The screening can be part of an other event, or a one-off, small-scale intimate screening. In addition to the screening, several activities can take place, which will be organised in collaboration with the film participants: a music session, a dance improvisation, an exhibition or performance.

The evening will be all about improvisation!

Places where new film productions will be made:

  • Douarnenez (Bretagne), Saint-Hilaire-de-Brens (Lyon), Molière (Paris) & Viala, France
  • Alentejo & Lisbon, Portugal 
  • Miraflores de la Sierra (Madrid), Spain

The final films will be on this website, and available to download.

If you are interested in a collaboration, or if you want more information, please send me an email!