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Artistic director, camera, editing: Miranda van der Spek
Storytelling: Ester Veldhuis
Music composition: Jeroen Zijlstra (, Thomas Geerts (, Ester Veldhuis

Water-Desert (Water-Woestenij) is a poetic, musical documentary about the flooding of Waterland in 1916. With richly available archive material, carefully collected personal stories, told on a special ‘storytell-chair’ in the landscape of Waterland. You’ll feel the storm with trumpet sounds over the water and with beautiful goosebumps songs performed in the landscape. The music is specially composed for the film by top musician Jeroen Zijlstra, emerging talent Thomas Geerts and sing- and songwriter Ester Veldhuis. 

Water-Dessert was made in the context of the commemorative year 2016 and premiered on 16th of may in Pllek, Amsterdam, with a live performance of Jeroen Zijlstra Band / Golondrinas / Thomas Geerts. The film was broadcasted on NH-Media, Noord-Holland and on Omroep Flevoland, and was shown in August 2016 during the Summer Evenings in the Buitenmuseum of the Zuiderzee Museum, and screened during events organised in the context of the commemoration .



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